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Meet the CORT Global Network — Denmark’s Trusted Furniture Rental Provider

Since our founding in 1971, CORT Furniture Rental has been the United States' trusted quality, stylish furniture rental provider. In the years after CORT's decades spent successfully serving millions of people and 80% of Fortune 500 companies, the CORT Global Network® was founded — enabling us to expand and perform exceptional furniture rental services abroad. Starting in 2000, the CORT Global Network has continually worked to streamline and simplify the international furniture rental process

Our success has made the CORT Global Network the biggest partnership of international furniture rental companies globally. The CORT Global Network facilitates international furniture rentals and offers services in over 80 countries — including Denmark. Our partners in Denmark are comfortable with the Randers life and culture and can help ensure you enjoy a trouble-free transition to life in Randers.

Why Rent Furniture in Randers, Denmark

There are numerous reasons to choose furniture rental when making an international move, and they apply whether you're going to call Denmark your long-term home or you're relocating to Randers for the short-term.

While you can choose international moving companies in Randers, Denmark, overseas shipping costs can add up fast. Whether you want to rent furniture for the long- or short-term, furniture rental can save you expensive shipping costs, the annoyances and setbacks experienced when waiting for your household items, and the costs and hassles of buying furniture in Denmark.

Struggling to find the right furnished rentals in Randers? Choosing furniture rental allows you to increase your search for housing options. The CORT Global Network's furniture for hire can transform any dwelling— including single-family homes, townhomes, studios, or flats— into a fully furnished home for rent in Randers, Denmark. This way, you can find your ideal location and amenities, allowing you to have the best Randers living experience.

The CORT Global Network: Your Best Choice for Furniture Rental in Randers

There's several reasons to rent furniture in Randers, Denmark, and many reasons to work with the CORT Global Network. The CORT Global Network Consultants work to ensure you’re supported throughout the process of moving to Denmark. We will take care of your furniture for hire needs so that you aren't left stressing about logistics and details.

Several furniture rental companies in Denmark tend to offer lease terms of a year or more, while some offer short-term options. We’ll work alongside you to determine what your needs are and ensure that you have what you need for as long — or short — as you need it.

The CORT Global Network handles the time-consuming details of setting up your new home in Randers, including full-service delivery, installation, and removal allowing you to quickly strike "furniture shopping" off your moving abroad checklist.

Plus, our furniture rental partners provide access to the furniture you need to create a stylish and comfortable space. The CORT Global Network boasts a wide variety decor, housewares, furniture, and appliances for rent in Randers, Denmark. We provide attractive furniture for rent for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining spaces, and home offices.

How to Rent Furniture in Denmark with the CORT Global Network

Whether you are relocating employees or choosing to live abroad in Randers for a change of pace, we’re committed to creating a stress-free process, which allows you to focus on preparing other aspects of moving to Denmark.

To start the process, finish your furniture profile. This quick and simple series of questions will help inform your CORT Global Consultant of your furniture, decor, houseware, and appliance rental needs. A CORT Global Consultant will reach out to help determine your furniture rental needs and moving details, and will make certain that one of our partners works with you throughout the process. One of the CORT Global Network's partners will discuss with you which furniture rental packages and lease agreement terms might best fit your wants and needs. With the CORT Global Network in your corner, you can feel excited and confident about your move abroad to Denmark.

Lastly, your furniture, décor, and housewares will be delivered and set up — no heavy lifting required. Once you arrive in Randers, you'll be greeted by a comfortable, fully-furnished home. At the end of your lease term agreement, get in touch to schedule your pickup and we’ll come pick up your furniture, decor, and housewares. Ready to get started? Fill out your furniture rental profile, and we’ll be in touch

as soon as possible. We’re excited to be a part of your move to Denmark.

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