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Let's furnish your home abroad.

Furniture at Your Fingertips: Wherever You Are in the World

Family The CORT Global Network® is the world’s largest proprietary furniture rental network servicing 80+ countries around the globe.

The Network was founded in 2001 by CORT Furniture Rental, America's leading United States furniture rental provider for the last half-century. CORT responded to a need for quality, full-service furniture for hire abroad. Today, the CORT Global Network excels at providing quality furniture for hire services to customers worldwide.

The CORT Global Network partners with furniture and decor rental companies to bring you CORT’s trusted, quality service no matter where you choose to call home. With our team's help, you can look forward to a seamless transition to virtually anywhere in the world — whether you’re heading overseas for work or the adventure of a lifetime or you're an employer relocating employees abroad.

When you request furniture rental service from the CORT Global Network, we match you with a CORT Global Consultant who serves as your initial point of contact and will pair you with one of our partners. Our partner will coordinate your furniture rental for you, eliminating the hassle of working with several different parties for your relocation.

Eliminate the stress and expense of shipping or buying furniture abroad. Let the CORT Global Network do the heavy lifting for you and open the door to a fully furnished space the day you arrive. Our network of global partners provide full-service furniture delivery, installation, and removal services.

Largest Global Furniture Rental Network: 80+ Countries

The CORT Global Network partners with furniture rental companies in more than 80 countries across the globe, making The Global Network the largest alliance of furniture rental companies in the world.

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Let's furnish your home abroad.