Rent Furniture in Mexico

Is work requiring you to move to Mexico? Are you worried about finding a place to live and furnishing it? Let CORT Global help you.CORT Global provides temporary furniture for rent in Mexico as a cost and time-efficient solution.

CORT Global provides temporary furniture rental solutions with timely delivery and fast set-up.

With a wide selection of rental furniture to choose from, furnishing your living space has never been easier! CORT Global offers affordable furniture for rent in Mexico that will fit your style and furniture needs.

If you are moving to Mexico temporarily, CORT Global is the right solution for you. It is easy to rent furniture in Mexico through CORT Global and your stay will be more comfortable. Whether your furniture rental needs are temporary or long-term, CORT Global is here to help. If you need rental furniture in Guanajuato or you are looking for furniture to rent in Pachuca, contact CORT Global.

It has never been easier to rent furniture in Mexico for your new living space. CORT Global Representatives will help you select your rental furniture and arrange a convenient time to have it delivered and set up. You will feel at home the moment you walk into your Mexican furnished apartment or house.

Moving to Mexico

Are you moving to Mexico? Mexico is a country with a great deal of diversity that can be seen in the culture and cuisine. Let CORT Global in Mexico assist you with your move by offering rental furniture for your new living space.

Moving to Mexico will be a cultural adventure and one that should be looked forward to with excitement. Let CORT Global make things easier by providing you with quality furniture for rent in Mexico. Whether you need to rent furniture in San Luis Potosi or you need rental furniture in Mexico City, CORT Global is here to help. Our CORT Global partner offers furniture for rent in Cuernavaca and can help you relocate to Leon. If you are looking for an economic solution to furnishing a temporary living space, rent furniture in Mexico through CORT Global. Whether you are going to be living in a house or an apartment, CORT Global has a variety of furniture to meet your needs and tastes. Once you find your new living space, contact CORT Global for quick and professional delivery and setup.

Overview of Mexico

Mexico is a country in North America with approximately 106,682,500 inhabitants. It is a federal constitutional republic that consists of thirty one states and one federal district. Mexico City is the nation's capital and the official language is Spanish. Mexico is the 14th largest independent country in the world. The country is divided by the Tropic of Cancer providing the country with two climates, temperate and tropical. Mexico is the 7th most popular destination for tourists. Over 20 million tourists visit the country each year. Peak tourist seasons for Mexico are during the month of December and during July and August. Mexico is the only Latin American country to have hosted the Olympic Games. The country's most popular sport is football. A typical sport in Mexico is Charreada, a style of rodeo. Bullfighting is also very popular and Mexico City is known for having the largest bullring in the world, seating 55,000 people.

Culture and Heritage of Mexico

The Mexican culture depicts the country's history by blending traditions of pre-Hispanic civilizations and Spain. Cultural elements from the United States have also been integrated into the culture. Music is one demonstration of the diversity of the culture. Some of the traditional Mexican music is played by Mariachis who sing popular songs and Bandas who play Corridos and Norteños. The country is home to several artists that are famous in various parts of the world. Singers Paulina Rubio and Luis Miguel are very well-known.

Mexican cuisine is recognized through its intense flavors, variety of spices and colorfulness. The origin of the cuisine incorporates traditions from the Aztecs and Mayans along with Spanish culinary trends. Some of the most popular and widely known dishes include tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, mole and tamales.

Why Use a CORT Global Partner for Renting Furniture in Mexico

  • No considerable international household goods shipping costs when you relocate to Mexico
  • Your home will be professionally furnished upon your arrival.
  • More time efficient and less stressful, allows for greater business focus and family.
  • More cost effective than purchasing and sourcing furniture from many retail outlets.
  • Easier and quicker than shipping furniture to Mexico, have your rental furniture delivered to your new home within 24-48 hours.
  • Wide selection of designer furniture to rent or purchase.