Rent Furniture in Italy

Will you be moving to Italy soon? Contact CORT Global to assist you with furnishing your new living space with quality furniture for rent in Italy.

CORT Global provides temporary furniture rental solutions with timely delivery and fast set-up.

CORT Global in Italy provides furniture rental for your home away from home.

CORT Global offers a wide selection of furniture for rent in Italy that is sure to meet your needs and match your individual style. If you need to rent furniture in Italy for a temporary basis, CORT Global can help. CORT Global in Italy provides temporary furniture rental solutions with timely delivery and fast set-up. Are you unsure whether you will be renting a house or an apartment? Don’t worry! CORT Global has rental furniture in Italy to satisfy any living space. If you are moving to Italy on a temporary assignment, you may not want to purchase furniture. CORT Global can provide temporary rental furniture in Italy for your new living space. If you need rental furniture in Milan, contact CORT Global in Italy. When you rent furniture in Italy, you simplify the process of relocating to Italy. It is a more cost effective solution to rent furniture in Italy when compared to purchasing new furniture or shipping furniture to Italy from home. Shipping furniture to Italy can be a difficult, lengthy, and expensive process. Rent furniture in Italy through CORT Global and spend the time you save exploring the new country and culture in which you will be living.

CORT Global is here to help, whether your furniture rental needs are temporary or long-term. Rent furniture in Italy through CORT Global and make your stay more comfortable. Your furnishings and appliances are delivered in a hotel-style service, including dressed beds, towels in racks and kitchenware in place. You will feel at home the moment you walk in to your new Italian furnished apartment or house.

Moving to Italy

Italy is a beautiful country that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Moving to Italy will be an exciting adventure that will open the door to new cultural experiences. Moving to Italy will require some preparation. Familiarizing yourself with the local language, Italian, will help you integrate into the community. You will need to begin the visa application process early to ensure there are no unexpected surprises before you move to Italy. Planning where you will be living in advance will eliminate stress and frustration when it comes time for the actual move. Once you have decided upon a house or apartment to rent, contact CORT Global to assist you with your rental furniture in Italy. When you rent furniture in Italy, you eliminate the high cost of shipping furniture to Italy or purchasing new furniture. One of the highest expenditures incurred when relocating to another country is international shipping costs.

Overview of Italy

Italy is located in Southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula. It is a highly developed country and has the world’s 8th highest Quality-of-Life index rating. The country’s shape is a boot-shaped peninsula. It is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on the east and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west. Italy has several islands, the largest two being Sicily and Sardinia. The country also has several active volcanoes. The climate in Italy varies greatly on the location. Italy has more than 59.5 million people living within its borders. The five largest cities are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Palermo. Italy can be described as a nation of immigrants from all over the globe.

Culture and Heritage of Italy

Italy is perhaps known best for art. Italian artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello and many others became popular during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Music has played an important role in the culture of Italy. The country is the birthplace of opera as well as musical instruments such as the piano and violin.

Some of the more popular sports in Italy include football, basketball, waterpolo, volleyball, fencing, rugby, volleyball and cycling. The country’s national football team is ranked second in the world. Sports have become a part of Italian festivities. The Gondola race takes place on the first Sunday in September in Venice. Other sporting events take place during Palio, an annual athletic contest that has neighboring communities competing against each other in costume. The largest religion in Italy is Roman Catholicism with 88 percent of the population being identified as Roman Catholic. The Jewish community is the country’s oldest religious minority. Immigration from various parts of the world has resulted in the presence of religions such as Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu.

Why Use a CORT Global Partner for Renting Furniture in Italy

  • No considerable international household goods shipping costs when you relocate to Italy
  • Your home will be professionally furnished upon your arrival.
  • More time efficient and less stressful, allows for greater business focus and family.
  • More cost effective than purchasing and sourcing furniture from many retail outlets.
  • Easier and quicker than shipping furniture to Italy, have your rental furniture delivered to your new home within 24-48 hours.
  • Wide selection of designer furniture to rent or purchase.