Rent Furniture in Argentina

Are you moving to Argentina? Does the thought of all that is involved in planning your move overwhelm you? Let CORT Global assist with some of your relocating needs.

CORT Global provides temporary furniture rental solutions with timely delivery and fast set-up.

You can purchase or rent furniture in Argentina through CORT Global.

CORT Global provides rental furniture in Argentina for your new home away from home. If your stay in Argentina will be temporary and you need a cost effective solution to furnishing your living space, rent furniture in Argentina. CORT Global provides temporary furniture solutions with timely delivery and fast set-up. Shipping furniture to Argentina from another country can be expensive and time consuming. CORT Global in Argentina offers furniture rental in several cities throughout Argentina. Whether you are looking to rent furniture in Buenos Aires or searching for rental furniture in Pilar, CORT Global is here to help. Our CORT Global partner offers furniture for rent in San Fernando and can help you relocate to Zarate. If you are relocating to Argentina contact CORT Global to see which other cities offer Argentina furniture rental. Shipping furniture to Argentina can be frustrating. Argentina furniture rental through CORT Global eliminates some of the frustration and worry that comes with moving. Rent furniture in Argentina through CORT Global and make moving to Argentina a more pleasant and comfortable experience. CORT Global in Argentina can make you feel more at home in your new living space.

When you rent furniture in Argentina through CORT Global, your furniture is delivered in a professional manner using a hotel-style service, including dressed beds, towels in racks and kitchenware in place. You will feel at home the moment you walk in to your new Argentinean furnished apartment or house.

Moving to Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country with a range of activities and sites to explore. If you are relocating to Argentina and want to fit in as one of the locals, you will need to learn the language.The national language of Argentina is Castilian Spanish. If you are moving to Argentina temporarily and you would rather rent furniture in Argentina than ship your furniture from home, contact CORT Global in Argentina for your furnishing needs. Whether you are renting a house or an apartment, CORT Global in Argentina can assist you in finding the furniture to fit your new living space. If you need rental furniture in Rosario or looking to rent furniture in Santa Fe, contact CORT Global in Argentina. Argentina furniture rental will eliminate shipping costs and the cost of purchasing furniture in Argentina. One of the highest expenditures incurred when you relocate to Argentina is international shipping costs.

Overview of Argentina

Argentina is a country in South America occupying 1,068,302 square miles with a population of about 36,260,130 people. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean on its east and southern borders and the Andes mountain range on its western border. The country is divided into one autonomous city and twenty-three provinces. The five largest cities in terms of population are Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza and San Miguel de Tucuman.

Argentina is considered a country of immigrants with many of its descendents coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Greece, just to name a few. The country has experienced a significant number of illegal immigrants over the past several years. Most of the illegal immigrants come from border countries, Paraguay and Bolivia. It is estimated that there are 750,000 inhabitants without official Argentinean documents. The official language is Spanish, referred to by Argentines as ‘Castellano’, although German and Italian are prevalent as well.

Culture and Heritage of Argentina

The Argentine culture is greatly influenced by Europe. The capital, Buenos Aires, is described as the most European city in South America. The country has a history of world-class literature and is a major producer of motion pictures. The food in Argentina is influenced greatly by Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Popular foods throughout the country include empanadas (stuffed pastry), chorizo (spicy sausage), facturas (Viennese-style pastry), and Dulce de Leche. Since 1992, the country has invested more than $650 million into modernizing the wine industry. The country is the fifth important wine producer in the world.

The most popular sport in Argentina is football (soccer). The country’s national team took home an Olympic Gold medal and won the World Cup twice. Formed in 1893, the Argentine Football Association is the eighth oldest national football league in the world. Other popular sports include volleyball, basketball and field hockey. The national sport of the country is pato, which is played on horse-back using a six-handle ball.

Why Use a CORT Global Partner for Renting Furniture in Argentina

  • No considerable international household goods shipping costs when you relocate to Argentina
  • Your home will be professionally furnished upon your arrival.
  • More time efficient and less stressful, allows for greater business focus and family.
  • More cost effective than purchasing and sourcing furniture from many retail outlets.
  • Easier and quicker than shipping furniture to Argentina, have your rental furniture delivered to your new home within 24-48 hours.
  • Wide selection of designer furniture to rent or purchase.