Rent Furniture in Venezuela

Are you moving to Venezuela? Let CORT Global help make your international move an easier one.

CORT Global provides temporary furniture rental solutions with timely delivery and fast set-up.

With a wide selection of rental furniture in Venezuela for you to choose from, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Furniture for purchase in Venezuela, as well as products for special events are also provided.

International moves are never easy and the shipping of your furniture is usually the hardest part. Rent furniture in Venezuela and eliminate the biggest hassle of your move. Shipping furniture to Venezuela is not only a hassle, but also expensive. Save your pennies by renting furniture in Venezuela. With CORT Global, your Venezuelan rental furniture will be delivered to your new residence and set up for you as well. Instead of spending your time moving and arranging furniture, explore your new country instead. Whether you are looking to rent furniture in Caracas or you are seeking furniture for rent in Puerto la Cruz, CORT Global in Venezuela has what you are looking for. Contact CORT Global for a selection of Venezuelan rental furniture.

Your Venezuelan furnishings will be delivered in a hotel-style service, including dressed beds, towels in racks and kitchenware in place. You will feel at home the moment you walk into your Venezuelan furnished apartment or house.

Moving to Venezuela

Are you relocating to Venezuela? There is a lot of preparation tied to an international move. CORT Global in Venezuela can help make your list of things to do a little shorter. When you rent furniture in Venezuela, CORT Global will deliver it to your new home and set it up for you. Without worrying about shipping furniture to Venezuela, you have more time to prepare for your move. It would be a good idea to take a basic Spanish language course before you move so that you can communicate in your new country. Also, make sure that all of your services are cancelled before you move, so that you aren’t paying bills in two places. If your pet is moving to Venezuela with you, be sure to look into the rules and regulations of flying with a pet well in advance to the big day. Rental furniture in Venezuela is the way to go if you want an easier, less stressful move. Contact CORT Global in Venezuela to find the perfect furniture for rent in Venezuela that matches your style.

Overview of Venezuela

Venezuela, officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is located on the northern coast of South America and is bordered by Brazil, Colombia, Guyana and the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela is known widely for its petroleum industry, the environmental diversity of its territory and its natural features. Venezuela is considered to be among the world’s 17 most biodiverse countries. Venezuela has a population of more than 28 million and covers about 354,000 square miles in area. The national language of Venezuela is Spanish. Venezuela is among the most urbanized countries in Latin America and is home to a diverse wildlife in a variety of protected habitats.

Culture and Heritage of Venezuela

41 percent of Venezuela’s lineage is of Euro-Latin ancestry, with the influential European groups being Spanish and Italian. These influences can be seen in the language and cuisine throughout the country. Other European groups account for Venezuela’s multi-ethnic society, including Portuguese, German, French and Eastern European groups.

Venezuelan culture is a mix of three main cultures, which are European, African and Indigenous. The indigenous influence is found mainly in the cuisine, such as the Arepa, which is corn-based bread from the northern Andes. Italy and Spain provided the most influence to Venezuelan culture, which can be found in the language, architecture, music, food and religion. 95 percent of Venezuelans are Roman Catholic.

Why Use a CORT Global Partner for Renting Furniture in Venezuela

  • No considerable international household goods shipping costs when you relocate to Venezuela
  • Your home will be professionally furnished upon your arrival.
  • More time efficient and less stressful, allows for greater business focus and family.
  • More cost effective than purchasing and sourcing furniture from many retail outlets.
  • Easier and quicker than shipping furniture to Venezuela, have your rental furniture delivered to your new home within 24-48 hours.
  • Wide selection of designer furniture to rent or purchase.